After waiting the required three years, our produce was certified organic this spring!  We are certified by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) since we have worked for two farms who certified through them and we also value their commitment to giving a voice to small organic producers in helping shape state and federal policy making. 

We believe that being certified organic gives the consumer a clear idea of how our produce is grown.  We also think that by certifying we show our political and food systems that there is a growing community of organic farms and eaters who deserve a larger voice.

Our farming methods exclude all synthetic and chemical sprays.  We focus on feeding the soil with compost in the spring, cover crops throughout the season, and manure in the fall.  We manage weeds by hoeing and hand weeding.  We believe that the more we take care of our soil, the stronger our plants will grow, and the better our produce will taste.