Full Hollow Farm is a creation of Jamie Wilbraham and Brad Smith.  Who would have guessed back when they met in 2008, they would (finally) start a farm together in 2015.  They both bring different skills and passions to the farm and both of them are invaluable to the work.  Brad is the expert in direct seeding, cultivating, special orders, and the brains behind creating tools that make the work load easier.  Work better not harder, right?  He also is the advocate for more beet and carrot plantings, expanding the growing season, and has a peculiar interest in gourd craft.  Jamie is the greenhouse guru, the quicker harvester, and expert in prioritizing work for the week.  She is always pushing for hand hoeing tiny weeds, picking broccoli perfectly, monitoring pests, and eating as many tomatoes as possible.  Jamie is currently advocating for a new wash pack barn!

The farm crew is small but mighty!  In addition to Brad and Jamie, we have Emily, Suzanne, and Jane.  Three cheers for these hard workers!  We honestly couldn't do what we do without them.



She's been with us pretty much from the beginning, whether volunteering to put up our greenhouse or hired on as our first employee. I'm pretty sure we've never heard her complain, even in 100 degree heat or the looming task of a hoop house build. She's a speedy harvester, cares about efficiency, has an uncanny gift at finding all my empty coffee mugs, and loves Georgie the cat. The farm inspires her to live intentionally and eat as many melons as possible.



This is our first season with Suzanne and we couldn't be more excited. She brings years of farming experience along with her. Suzanne loves the mental and physical challenge of farming as well as working outside in the elements. She's an advocate for efficient work, like transplanting with the fewest moves possible, as well as having fun while doing it. She plans on having her own farm in a few years, once she moves back to Louisville.



My mother, greenhouse manager, photographer, and chief encourager. She's such an important part of the farm! Not only does she care for the baby plants in the greenhouse, she keeps following the schedule and seeding them when the rest of us can't imagine transplanting another plug. She takes most of the photos in the newsletter, and makes sure to always take one of her CSA share. She cares about the farm and it's farmers, bringing us treats, flower bouquets, and lots of encouragement. Thanks Mom!