Full Hollow Farm is a creation of Jamie Wilbraham and Brad Smith.  They met when Jamie was in college and had a garden plot in Grand Rapids and Brad was working at Four Friends Coffee Shop (RIP) in Grand Rapids.  Who would have guessed way back then that they would (finally) begin a farm together in 2015.  They both bring different skills and passions to the farm and both of them are invaluable to the work.  Brad is the expert in direct seeding, cultivating, special orders, and the brains behind creating tools that make the work load easier.  Work better not harder, right?  He also is the advocate for more beet and carrot plantings, expanding the growing season, and has a peculiar interest in gourd craft.  Jamie is the greenhouse guru, the quicker harvester, and expert in prioritizing work for the week.  She is always pushing for hand hoeing tiny weeds, picking broccoli perfectly, monitoring pests, and eating as many tomatoes as possible.  Jamie is currently advocating for trying to grow artichokes!

For 5 years they had been called farmhands, apprentices, and farm managers, and now farm owners.  This dream of beginning their own farm could not have been possible without the farmers who taught and encouraged them.  Their farming career began in Michigan, moved through Kentucky and Pennsylvania, and eventually ended them right back here in West Michigan.  They hoped this move back would, in a few years, result in beginning a farm of their own.  And so it has.  

Farmers, family, and friends have come alongside Jamie and Brad, listening to their ceaseless chatter about food and farming.  They have been in the trenches with them, weeding and picking and sweating.  This farm is already the work of so many people in many different ways: the growers, eaters, and encouragers alike.  

Thank you for being a part of the Full Hollow Farm community.   We are so lucky to have you.